About Me

... For your best health!

Linda Johnson, NTP,


  • I believe health is a continuous journey not a destination.
  • I believe real, whole, quality food is the biggest key ingredient for health and wellness.
  • I believe everyone's nutritional needs are different and individual.
  • I believe weight loss and maintenance is a natural outcome of rebalancing the right foods your body needs.
  • I believe everyone has the ability to determine good choices for their body and I can empower you to tune in to your body to determine what you need now and longterm.
  • I believe consuming animal products as part of a nutrient dense diet is necessary for optimal health.
  • I don't believe in dieting or counting calories.
  • I don't believe in 'eat less and exercise more'.
  • I don't believe hours of cardio or low fat diets are the key to health.
  • ​I don't believe one diet or strategy works for everyone.

How did I get here?

Everyone considered me ‘ the healthy one’.  I believed ‘exercise more and eat healthy’ , which really meant low fat, and not knowing much else other than what I read in magazines or in the news.  And what happened? I'm the queen of 'ectomies'! 

  • painful endometriosis, fibroids causing massive bleeding leading to severe anemia and eventual hysterectomy
  • goiter, treated by synthetic thyroid hormones, which didn’t work. Eventually I had my thyroid removed due to dangerous thyroid storms
  • ending up in the emergency room because my heart was working so hard to beat so slowly because a cardiologist didn’t find the root cause and just put me on a beta blocker to control a random irregular heart beat
  • breast cancer and bi-lateral mastectomy at age 49

My last straw was breast cancer at age 49.  With medical specialties, I was treated as body parts, not as a whole body. I knew this wasn't right. So,  I started educating myself and following this path with passion to get the truth and implement a lifestyle I felt would keep me from suffering cancer again.  It’s been a discovery and journey - some things worked, some didn’t.  I took on some new habits only to do something opposite when I found research more compelling or something that felt better for me.

People are experiencing diseases and illnesses much earlier.  Too many people are being prescribed drugs when they really only need to change their diet, environment and habits.  Too many people believe in ‘low fat’ diets or spend a lot of money on fad diets or surgery only to suffer weight gain, allergies, auto immune issues and more.  The food industry is creating fake foods and with good marketing, getting us to eat more and more processed/packaged foods also leading to weight gain and serious health issues like high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. 

My mission is to get at the root of your health concerns and help you find your health through food and lifestyle choices, without fad diets, extreme exercise programs or drugs.

I specialize in breast cancer prevention and recovery and related metabolic illnesses.